We offer prompt and streamlined freight transportation within and outside the country's borders.

We work with a network of large logistics platforms and have smart tracking systems in order to effectively oversee the overall freight transportation, from domestic to international shipments. From inland to air transportation, we make sure to streamline the delivery of freights, as well as ensuring their security while in transit.

Import and Export

We oversee freights that come in and out of the country. With our access to large logistics platforms and a global suite of service, we can accelerate trade to seamlessly deliver the goods that drive the world’s economy.

Furthermore, we have a combined multi-modal transportation management system and information advantage to deliver smarter logistics solutions for our clients. With our network of reliable contract carriers and smart tracking technology, we can streamline the movement of products from point A to point B.

Cargo Van

We have a network of well-trained drivers who can transport different types of cargoes. Most importantly, we have well-maintained care vans that ensure safe and secured transportation of freights.

M.I.C Transportation Services

Our professionals provide technical support in planning for sustainable transportation, covering the development of integrated strategies for freights, public transit, pedestrian requirements, and other aspects of transportation planning. We do this by providing an array of services from strategic advisory matters and road design to parking consultancy and pedestrian modeling.

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