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Miiro Investments Corporation is a dynamic, multi-services company, serving individuals and organizations across distinguished industry sectors. Since they engage in various businesses, our clients have varying goals and objectives as well. Thus, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who can provide the needed services to effectively support their individual or organizational goals. We help our clients make well-informed decisions and implement them in a way that offers attractive returns and cashflows.

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A Message from the President

"To all partners and shareholders across industry sectors, it is my deepest gratitude that you have joined us in our endeavors towards reaching optimal business growth. With our successful business ventures, we look forward to boosting customer services and reach a larger scale of more investments. Together, we shall create synergies and become catalysts of community development. Let us become pioneers in skyrocketing our country's economy."

Michael Miiro Kitaka PRESIDENT/CEO

Services We Offer

We engage in business ventures that offer synergies and maximum returns for our shareholders and the entities we serve.

  • Transportation and Logistics

    We provide logistics solutions that help freight movers and businesses streamline supply chain management.

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  • Import and Export

    Trust in our collaborative expertise in helping you streamline the inbound and outbound flow of your freights.

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  • IT Services

    Let our seasoned IT professionals help your business reach its greater heights and gain a competitive advantage.

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  • Billboard Advertisement

    We can help you effectively reach your target market by designing and placing billboards creatively and strategically.

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  • Healthcare Services

    We serve as liaisons between healthcare consumers and providers in order to help the communities we cater to gain access to quality health care.

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  • Real Estate

    We help real estate brokers and buyers or sellers find their middle ground when it comes to owning or selling a property.

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  • Liquor Store

    We partner with liquor vendors to help oversee their supply chain management.

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  • Cargo Van

    We have a network of cargo van operators in our database.

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  • Event Transportation

    We can connect event coordinators to our network of event transportation providers.

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  • Auto Sales

    Making your automobile purchasing experience a lot easier!

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage in business ventures that can capture high growth opportunities within the country’s economy. We will work with host communities in order to help us provide a consistently high-standard service to our clients, ensure our employees’ welfare, and deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders.


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